Emily Maynard on Growing Family: “I’ve Got to Have a Baby Soon!” (VIDEO)
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Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard on Growing Family: “I’ve Got to Have a Baby Soon!” (VIDEO)

We never thought we’d say it, but it’s about time for Emily Maynard to have a baby. Yeah, yeah, we know she hasn’t actually made it down the aisle yet with fiancé Tyler Johnson, but even Em is getting a little antsy in her… need to procreate, as she revealed in an interview with People.

The couple got engaged on January 4, a year after they started dating, and we’ve been on high alert over their pending nuptials ever since. Emily’s been tweeting up a storm in preparation, asking for advice on everything from choosing a band to planning without a wedding planner. But while we haven’t heard any final word on her picks, she already has her mind elsewhere: on a baby.

The family recently adopted a puppy Tyler found on a trip, and with three dogs, a cat, and some fish in the house she shares with daughter Ricki, “it's a zoo here," the Season 8 Bachelorette jokes, adding "I've got to have a baby soon!"

Yes, Em, we couldn’t agree more! Although, to be clear, both the southern gal and her man are only 28 years old, so there’s no actual hurry… She’s obviously a great mom, and puts her 8-year-old girl first, even filming the first several episodes of her season in Charlotte, North Carolina rather than Bachelor Mansion, so she could have Ricki with her. And though she’s been engaged four times, Em swears this is the last. “I really mean it. I’m actually making it to the marriage part this time!”

The wedding itself isn’t just hers, though, and Tyler definitely understand that, since he gave Ricki an engagement ring, too. Emily’s kept with that mindset, she explains. "I keep telling Ricki it's just as much her wedding as it is mine. It's been fun to see her get excited about it.”

That makes all of us, Ms. Maynard. Now get yourself down the aisle and into the birthing suite! Too much? Sorry, we get so excited about Emily’s life…

What do you think about Emily having babies on the brain? Should she and Tyler wait a while or get straight to work?

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