The Governor Returns Right at The Walking Dead Season 4 “Breaking Point” — Like, Episode 5?
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The Walking Dead

The Governor Returns Right at The Walking Dead Season 4 “Breaking Point” — Like, Episode 5?

UPDATE: Yep, that sneaky tea-lover reared his one-eyed head at the end of Episode 5. Now what?

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Were you sick of The Governor (David Morrissey) after The Walking Dead Season 3? So was new Season 4 showrunner Scott Gimple.

As executive producer/comic book writer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter, "We've just devoted an entire season to the conflict of the Governor and Scott Gimple came in and was like, 'You know what? I'm sick of the Governor.' He actually said that. It's not that we don't like that character; it's just that we needed to give that character a break. Going right back into that would seem like more retread of Season 3, and that's the thing we don't want to do."

Four episodes have come and gone since Season 4 started and we've yet to see the one-eyed monster. The time feels ripe for his reappearance.

Kirkman added, "We like to keep people guessing, and he definitely will return this season. Just when you think things are getting to a breaking point, that's when the Governor layer will be thrown in to make things that much more deadly and dangerous. It's going to be a really big, memorable moment in the show."

The Governor Returns Right at The Walking Dead Season 4 “Breaking Point” — Like, Episode 5?
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TVLine previously said he would have a major presence in two episodes called "standalone" Governor eps, including flashbacks to show where he's been. We've been wondering if Episodes 6 and 7 might be those flashbacks, with a glimpse of the guy at some point on tonight's (November 10) Episode 5, "Internment." It does seem like Team Prison has reached a breaking point, so if that's when The Gov shows up, it could be now.

Scott Gimple added to THR, "When the Governor comes back, it's going to be in a very significant way but in a way that we significantly exploit the character and go even deeper into who he is. Because who the hell is he? He has his public face, he has his private face. We know a great deal about him, but we don't know the truth. When all is said and done, is he the guy who enjoys being a leader and being the salvation to people? Is he this tortured guy who needs to stare at the heads of the men and women he's killed? Which one is he?"

This "who is he?" stuff does hint to flashbacks.


Here's something to add to the mix: SpoilerTV got to see Episode 5 in advance and they shared some intriguing teases, including this note: "Someone is coming back to the prison! I’m not saying who, but it’s the last shot of the episode and you don’t wanna miss it."

It could be Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). It could be Morgan Jones (Lennie James). It could be that Sam guy who was with Ana at the suburban house last week. But it also could be The Governor. That's where our money is.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, SpoilerTV

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