Who’s the Better Sidekick For The Governor: Martinez or Mitch? (POLL)
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The Walking Dead

Who’s the Better Sidekick For The Governor: Martinez or Mitch? (POLL)

They both go by M names. They're both willing to take care of business, even if business is violent. They're both loyal to The Governor. The difference between Caesar Martinez and Mitch? Mitch is alive, and is The Governor's current right-hand man. Martinez, on the other hand, was brutally murdered by The Governor in Season 4, Episode 7, "Dead Weight."

As Portlandia's Fred Armisen pointed out in this week's Talking Dead, Mitch just might end up being a better sidekick — not for any positive traits, but because he's "dumber." But is that a better trait for a Governor lackey, or is it just better news for Team Prison?

We think that Fred had a point in that Mitch might follow orders more readily. The Gov. was sure able to manipulate him into not caring that his brother was dead pretty swiftly, after all. But Mitch isn't just less smart than Martinez — he's also a lot more nervous, and that kind of impulsiveness could get someone killed eventually.

Martinez, while providing some tactical advantage with his confidence and smarts, might have been less ready to fall in line when The Governor barked an order — although he did get back in the car after The Governor opened fire on Woodbury. That might've just been out of self-preservation, though.

So who's a better sidekick for the Gov? Knife-wielding, nervous Mitch, or the late, baseball bat-wielding Martinez? Vote below, and elaborate in the comments!

I want Martinez in my corner.

Mitch is so much easier to control!

The Walking Dead midseason finale airs Sunday, December 1 at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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