BiP Episode 4 & 5 Spoilers: Does Graham’s Rejection Send AshLee to the Hospital?
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Bachelor in Paradise

BiP Episode 4 & 5 Spoilers: Does Graham’s Rejection Send AshLee to the Hospital?

While Meatloaf may be OK doing anything for love, a trip to the ER is where we draw the line. But if the preview for next week’s double-header of Bachelor in Paradise is to be believed, that’s exactly where AshLee Frazier is headed — thanks to her lovesickness for Graham Bunn!

At this point, we’re going to stop using exclamation points, because we have reason to believe the promo is a case of tricky, yet brilliant, editing. According to the preview, during next week’s Rose Ceremony, in which the womenfolk hold the power of the petal, Ash tries to give her flower to Graham who exits to the left with a case of the “I can’t pretend you’re not crazy anymores.”

How does AshLee — allegedly — react to this? Like any sane person would, by running into the pitch black night. Cue a voiceover saying “She ran out into the jungle to places she shouldn’t be.” Cue Chris Harrison saying “Paradise turns into hell...With a shocking ending that everyone will be talking about.” Cue ambulance. Cue us curling up in the fetal position before realizing all is probably not as dramatic as it seems.

Now, we’re not saying capital L’s behavior has been exemplary up to this point, but we’re betting if she was going to stomp off in a huff it would be to her room to pack/pout, not the rainforest. There be bugs lurking in there — big ones!

So what the what is going on? According to Reality Steve, the promo scene is thanks to a whole lot of the aforementioned movie magic. The spoiler maker claims “The shot of AshLee at the rose ceremony saying Graham’s name and then him walking off is, shockingly, just editing. Before AshLee even says Graham’s name at the rose ceremony, Graham walks off set because he feels sick. He eventually comes back, she asks if he’ll accept her rose, and he does.”

So who the heck needs an ambulance then? Steve says it’s for Lacy Faddoul who is sick from either dehydration (you can’t live on the nectar of love alone, Lace) or food poisoning.

Watch the preview below then tell us in the comments what you believe — is AshLee finally going over the edge, or are the editors leading us astray?

Source: ABC, Reality Steve