Grand Ole Opry Makes Kree Harrison and Kellie Pickler Feel Right At Home

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Grand Ole Opry Makes Kree Harrison and Kellie Pickler Feel Right At Home

It was a huge night for good friends and American Idol alums Kellie Pickler and Kree Harrison, who joked that they would get matching tattoos if Kree won this season of Idol and Kellie won Dancing With the Stars. Only Kellie actually got the win but we’re guessing Kree didn’t have any complaints last night, having made her Grand Ole Opry debut.

Introduced by judge Keith Urban, the country singer performed her single, “All Cried Out,” as well as “In the Garden”. She introduced it by saying, “I always told my dad, ‘If I ever get to play the Opry, I’m going to do your favorite hymn.’” It had to have been an emotional moment for the season 12 runner-up, as she lost her dad to a plane crash when she was 12.

As she left the stage, Kree said, "It was way more than I thought it was going to be. I was standing on the circle and trying to look around and kind of take everything in." She even tried to kiss the circle of oak at the center of the stage but her dress prevented her from doing so.

Kellie got the surprise of her life at the Opry, having been greeted by a sea of paddles that read “10” after her first song, an homage to her many perfect scores during her DWTS run.

"Did y'all plan that or did everybody just happen to have those in their pocket?" she joked.

Backstage, the Opry threw her a welcome-home party that included a mirrorball cake and #10 cupcakes. They also gave the talented dancer a commemorative print to celebrate her win, and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau presented her with a key to the city – a piano key, of course!

The svelte blonde was flabbergasted, gushing, "I never in a million years dreamed, when I got in line for Idol, that it would lead me to Nashville — I hoped it would — then for Nashville lead me to Dancing With the Stars, and then being back and here and having the whole town embrace and support us. It's like a family."

We are so happy for both those sweet country girls!

Source: USA Today