Selena Gomez’s Grandparents: “She Doesn’t Want to Sing, Just Act”
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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s Grandparents: “She Doesn’t Want to Sing, Just Act”

We’ve gotta admit it: We’ve been a little worried about Selena Gomez these days. All Justin Bieber drama aside, homegirl’s had a tough year, when you consider her battle with a lupus flare-up and being admitted to rehab for exhaustion. So is she doing okay?

Few people would know better than Selena’s grandparents, Ricardo and Mary Gomez, who recently spoke with RadarOnline.Com about how much they’ve been worried about their granddaughter lately. According to Ricardo and Mary, Selena doesn’t check in often, and she’s been struggling with all the pressure she’s under.

“We just saw in some newspaper that she was doing drugs,” Ricardo said. “I called her and said, [you] need to watch out.”

Of course, Selena denied the allegations, but her grandparents know that something is going on.

“She was working a lot,” Ricardo explained. “The doctor was telling her she needs to take some time out. It’s just too much pressure what she’s going through. It’s just too much! She doesn’t have a single day’s break.”

Although it does sound like Selena will be kicking her career down a notch in order to achieve a better work/life balance — which is probably a good idea if she wants to prevent another hospital stay.

“Everyone was telling her, even her agent and the doctor, ‘Selena, take some time for yourself!’” Ricardo said. “She was saying she don’t want to sing no more, she just wants to be an actress … but she’s going to combine it, it looks like.”

“The hard part is we hardly see her nowadays, just by phone,” he added. “When we talk on the phone, we say, ‘We don’t see you in person but we see you in the news, in the newspaper, the TV… are you okay?’ She says, ‘Yeah.’”

What are grandparents for if not to worry about their grandchildren? Take it easy, Selena — and call your grandpa!

Source: RadarOnline.Com

05.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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