Grant Kemp Steps Out With New Girl After Lace Morris Breakup (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Grant Kemp Steps Out With New Girl After Lace Morris Breakup (VIDEO)


Well, that was fast!

It’s been less than three weeks since Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 stars Grant Kemp and Lace Morris announced they’d called off their engagement, but already they’re moving on to other people.

Well, maybe not both of them — but Grant certainly isn’t wasting any time getting back in the dating game.

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At the time of the couple’s breakup, the Bachelor alum revealed she’d moved out of their shared San Francisco home and back to her hometown of Denver, Colorado, in order to “work on” some issues.

“It really was mutual. We both have our issues we need to work on, and we can’t really give each other what we need at this time. It’s just not the right timing,” she said at the time.

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That may be true for the brunette beauty, who seems to be focusing on herself these days. But her ex-fiancé is focused elsewhere…

Like fellow model and Lace-lookalike Olga Safari!

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Seriously, dude clearly has a type.

A TMZ cameraman caught the two on video, leaving West Hollywood hotspot Bootsy Bellows this week, and they were even willing to talk about the status of their relationship.

First off, the firefighter explains they met while “[shooting] a campaign over in Malibu” in the last few days.

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Things may have started off professional, but it sure sounds like they’re progressing elsewhere.

“We just met this week,” Olga details when asked if they were dating, “So we’re just hanging out.”

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After that, we have to applaud the paparazzi’s nerve to ask the next awkward question: “Should Lace be jealous?”

“That’s kind of a hard question to answer,” Grant says with an uncomfortable smile.

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“I hope she’s out having fun somewhere. I hope she’s happy.”

He genuinely seems to mean that, too. Just check out how he defended his ex when the photog kept calling her “crazy.”

“Here’s the thing, when you’re on a show, the most dramatic parts are going to be shown. That’s not all of who everybody is,” the 28-year-old states.

Check out the whole interview below!