Greg Cromer to Appear on Pretty Little Liars Season 2
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Pretty Little Liars

Greg Cromer to Appear on Pretty Little Liars Season 2

Rosewood will welcome yet another new face on Pretty Little Liars Season 2. According to the NY Post, Greg Cromer — who recently appeared on NBC's Community as a handsome and apparently perfect doctor — will play a big part in Emily (Shay Mitchell)'s life. But don’t assume that’s a good thing...

Shay revealed that Greg will play a character called Mr. Radin, explaining: “He just pops up out of nowhere and stirs the pot in Emily’s life a little bit. To her benefit, but also her detriment.... He plays a very important part with where she’s headed.” It sounds like this new character is a mix of good and bad news. He'll fit right in.

Based on these clues, we’re guessing Mr. Radin is a college athletic scout who’s interested in recruiting Emily. The promo pictures show him talking to Emily in the hallway at her school. It looks like he’s carrying a folder with a school logo, which fits our theory. Plus, Shay says he has a big impact on Emily’s future, which probably means her college plans.

However, we have a few other ideas. Maybe he’s a teacher who’s out to get Emily, or a guidance counselor who thinks she’s a liar after the Ian (Ryan Merriman) incident. Who knows? Whatever the details, it sounds like Emily has another person who will complicate her life next season. Great, just what she needs.

Source: NYPost