Greg Nicotero Shows Off Hershel Greene’s Decapitated Head (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Greg Nicotero Shows Off Hershel Greene’s Decapitated Head (VIDEO)

Greg Nicotero is a special effects wunderkind, and the work he does on each episode of The Walking Dead is nothing short of amazing. This is the man who is responsible for all of the gnarly looking walkers, epic fight scenes and more.

Greg was a guest on Talking Dead’s spring premiere last Sunday immediately following Season 4, Episode 9: “After,” and he wasn’t about to show up to the Chris Hardwick helmed after show empty handed. In the video from the episode below, we see exactly what Greg chose to bring with him.

“You brought something really awful/awesome. Would you like to take it out now?” Chris asked as he realized the unfortunate double-entendre.

“I always like to bring a prop from the show,” Greg explained. “At the beginning of this episode we see our buddy Hershel,” Greg continues as he unveils Mr. Greene’s (prosthetic) decapitated head.

He then brought out a remote control of sorts, showing how he can make Hershel’s mouth move and appear lifelike. Chris playfully fed him some pudding (Carl would be so proud!) and gave the audience a great laugh, but we still haven’t quite gotten over the pain of saying goodbye to our moral compass. Even executive producer Robert Kirkman acknowledged the pain of Hershel’s passing, saying, “We recognize how hard it is to see this stuff and we certainly go through it ourselves. We’re not gleefully playing with people’s emotions as much as people think sometimes. We feel this stuff too. And that helps us in knowing how these episodes pack an emotional punch. We’re always very emotional about this stuff. Having Michonne fight her way into that prison in order to give Hershel true peace and allow his soul to rest, that was a big, emotional journey as well and a very important part of the episode. But none of us like looking at that severed head either, so we understand.”

What do you think of Hershel’s head, is it totally cool or too painful to look at? Tell us your thoughts below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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