Gregg Leakes and Peter Thomas Shake Hands After Mexico Feud: “We’re Friends” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Gregg Leakes and Peter Thomas Shake Hands After Mexico Feud: “We’re Friends” (VIDEO)

Things we learned during tonight’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: 1) always have a vodka tonic waiting for NeNe Leakes and 2) never call Peter Thomas the “b” word. Thankfully, NeNe managed to apologize (kind of) for slamming Cynthia Bailey’s hubby, thus ending the feud that culminated during the couples’ Mexico getaway when Gregg Leakes threatened Peter’s life for getting in NeNe’s face at the Saving Our Daughters gala a few weeks back. We know, we thought that was ancient history too.

“I never get out of character for myself. No matter what it is that bothers me, I can deal with it,” Gregg says during the most awkward double date in history. “But the way that it was done, going back to the ball, I just didn't think it was appropriate. I thought many times, just call Peter, let's talk this out ... but we exploded.”

Peter jumps in to defend his actions at the gala, also stating that he’d never have the audacity to call one of his friends a bitch. NeNe’s response? “Sometimes I can’t take fault for everything NeNe does.” And this is why we love Atlanta’s OG lady.

Still, she does kinda sorta offer up an apology, telling Peter that she meant to say he was simply acting like a bitch. Because that changes everything, right?

“I didn’t realize I called you a bitch. I was really trying to say that you were acting like a bitch,” NeNe explains. “I just want you guys to know it was a heated moment and I just said whatever came up. There’s nothing I can say about my actions.”

Cynthia finally interjects to remind NeNe that saying whatever you want in the heat of the moment has consequences. “When you say the ‘b’ word, Nene, that word is very provoking. We’re human and if I’m wrong, NeNe, you should be able to tell me. And it’s all coming from a place of love and protection,” she says.

At this point, it’s clear that Gregg is ready to throw the towel in and just end this fight once and for all.

“I came to this meeting with trepidation, but instead of sitting here with trepidation, I’d like to extend my hand to you. We’re friends,” he says while shaking with Peter who replies, “We’re friends.”

Don’t you just love happy endings? We'll definitely raise our vodka tonics to that!

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