Gretchen Rossi Upset by “Backstabbing” and “Crap Talking” in Dress Shop Episode
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Gretchen Rossi Upset by “Backstabbing” and “Crap Talking” in Dress Shop Episode

Gretchen Rossi went to Tamra Barney’s wedding dress shopping excursion to support a friend, but what she got instead was a lot of flack from her fellow co-stars — which Gretchen didn’t know of until watching the episode!

In her Bravo blog, Gretchen vents her disappointment in her fellow Real Housewives of Orange County cast members.

I had no idea the backstabbing, the crap talking, and the things that were being said behind my back,” Gretchen Rossi wrote. “Just the limo ride alone I mean what an idiot I feel like now for getting in that limo thinking I made the right decision to go and be there for my friend that day. What a huge slap in my face.”

She was especially offended at Vicki Gunvalson’s insinuation Gretchen wore her former fiance’s engagement ring to “show up” Tamra on her big day. Gretchen also took issue with why Lydia was still upset about Slade Smiley’s cheeseburger joke from the salsa party.

What I don’t like is that Lydia accepted the apology that night, said she understood he was kidding, yet she still felt the need to gossip about it and claim it was dirty in the limo ride,” wrote Gretchen. She felt Lydia’s comments gave Tamra and Vicki license to bash Slade as a woman hater, which Gretchen feels couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Seven hundred thousand women a day listened to his radio show and if he was truly a ‘woman basher’ then those women sure wouldn’t listen or stay tuned in,” she wrote.

But most of all, Gretchen felt betrayed by Tamra.

“Now seeing the episode, I regret that I once again didn’t listen to my concerns and that I set aside potential opportunities to be a good friend to Tamra because sadly it’s not a two-way street,” Gretchen wrote. “It’s beyond hurtful doing what I thought was right by my friend only opened the door for me to get ridiculed behind my back, lied to, and accused of lying.”

It’s clear from her nine-page blog that Gretchen has a lot of feelings about Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 13. Do you think she has a right to be upset, or is she overreacting?

Source: Gretchen Rossi’s Bravo Blog