Gretchen Rossi Claims She’s Being Bullied By Vicki Gunvalson!
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Gretchen Rossi Claims She’s Being Bullied By Vicki Gunvalson!

There have been plenty of accusations of bullying over the years on Real Housewives of Orange County. And now, we're getting a new accusation involving Gretchen Rossi and Vicki Gunvalson.

Gretchen is rumored to no longer be on the show following Season 8, although we have yet to get any official confirmation from Bravo about that report.

Now, Gretchen apparently feels that Vicki has been bullying her in comments that Vicki has made about Gretchen's supposed ouster.

Earlier this month, Vicki and Tamra Barney met up with Heather Dubrow in Hawaii, where they filmed early scenes for Season 9. Tamra referred to the three of them as the "last three standing," referring to the departures of Gretchen, Alexis Bellino, and Lydia McLaughlin.

When one Twitter follower later tweeted to Vicki that she got her way by having Gretchen fired, Vicki responded, "Excuse me?.. I didn't get rid of Gretchen! Bravo did."

Now, Gretchen appears to be speaking out about this treatment. A Twitter follower wrote to Gretchen on November 12, "@vgunvalson From what [I] am reading, I can't believe how you and the rest of them are back to bullying @GretchenRossi #bullysareweak."

Then, Gretchen responded to this by tweeting, "Are you really surprised? Lol." As you may recall, Alexis had previously accused her co-stars of bullying her.

Do you agree that Vicki is bullying Gretchen? Or do you think Vicki isn't saying anything that's all that bad?

Source: Gretchen on Twitter