Gretchen Rossi Dishes on Failed Friendship With Alexis, Who Her Real Friends Are (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Gretchen Rossi Dishes on Failed Friendship With Alexis, Who Her Real Friends Are (VIDEO)

With Gretchen Rossi, you either love her or hate her. At least that’s the case in the reality TV world of the Real Housewives of Orange County, where you never know who your friends are. In a video with OK! Magazine, Gretchen dishes on her failed friendship with fellow housewife Alexis Bellino, which of the other girls she can trust, and why it’s hard to have friends on the show.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say there is a part of me that misses that because it was something that was near and dear to my heart at the time," Gretchen revealed. "Unfortunately when things transpire in your life and people make accusations and say things and call you a bully or say that you have ill intentions, you start to really question if that person was really ever your friend."

But does Gretchen think there’s hope to mend her relationship with Alexis? "I would say that, hopefully, one day, Alexis and I can work through our differences and get back to a better place, but I think that I've been OK without that friendship for the last year," Gretchen says. "I just mean that sometimes you don't realize that a friendship is draining you until you've removed it out of your life, and I think that's what was happening for me with her."

Gretchen Rossi Dishes on Failed Friendship With Alexis, Who Her Real Friends Are (VIDEO)
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But Gretchen goes on to say that it’s really hard to ever know who your friend is on the show. "It depends from week to week," she says. "You watch the show and you're like, 'that bitch!' And then the next week you're like, 'I love her, she's so nice.' Unfortunately, I feel like on these shows, it's hard to have true, intimate, deep relationships with these girls."

And poor Gretchen says she has given it her best shot, making friendships on the show. "I keep trying and I keep getting my heart run over with it," Gretchen says. "I'm kind of one of these girls that keeps putting my heart out — wears my heart on my sleeve. I'm sensitive and I really want what's best for everybody. And then when somebody has something negative to say about me, I'm just like, 'oh, man.'"

"I'm trying to learn to have thicker skin about that," Gretchen continues. "But I think this season I've finally figured out that my true friends are going to be outside of the show, that I need to stop hoping that the friendships in the show are going to be good."

So who IS she friends with, really? "I definitely have a good friendship with Tamra and with Heather. We text a lot and we stay in touch. And actually even the new girl, Lydia. Her and I have been texting a lot more lately and her and I have gotten to know each other separately from filming, and that's nice."

Would you be friends with Gretchen? Check out the video below and sound off in the comments!

Source: OK! Magazine

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