Gretchen Rossi Opens Up About Alexis Bellino: “Too Late” to Fix the Friendship
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Gretchen Rossi Opens Up About Alexis Bellino: “Too Late” to Fix the Friendship

Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino used to be besties before their friendship fell apart. So will they ever patch things up?

Last season, Alexis meets up with Gretchen and points out how much she misses their old friendship. However, by the end of the meeting, the two are nowhere near resolving their issues.

So have their wounds healed since the season wrapped? One of Gretchen's Twitter followers wanted to know just that. "@GretchenRossi btw, are you and @AlexisBellino getting closer..? You guys were such good friends..!!" a fan of the show writes to Gretchen.

To that, Gretchen replies, "Unfortunately, no. Lots happened, and it just was too painful for me. Never talked about it on camera."

But is there any hope that they can work things out? "It's probably too late for that at this juncture," Gretchen clarifies. "All things happen for reasons."

This is definitely a bummer. We had hoped that perhaps the absence of Bravo's cameras would improve their friendship as both ladies will reportedly be missing from RHOC this season but alas, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Do you think Gretchen and Alexis will ever be friends again? And is Gretchen right to avoid Alexis?

Source: Gretchen on Twitter

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