Gretchen Rossi: Lydia McLaughlin Has Been “Very Judgmental Towards Me”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Gretchen Rossi: Lydia McLaughlin Has Been “Very Judgmental Towards Me”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi admits that she wasn't crazy about Lydia McLaughlin, but now it sounds like they're starting to feel closer to one another.

"I actually like Lydia now," Gretchen says. "I think from Lydia's point of view, she thought that I didn't want to be friends with her because of her relationship with Alexis [Bellino], and it had absolutely nothing to do with Alexis."

Gretchen explains that it was hard for her to get to someone new when she first met Lydia because she and Slade Smiley had a lot on their plate at the time.

"I don't think her and I got off on the right foot in the very beginning 'cause [Slade and I] were dealing with just so much," she says. "Starting a new friendship takes so much energy to put into that, and [Slade] and I were just traveling so much and dealing with Grayson."

Gretchen Rossi: Lydia McLaughlin Has Been “Very Judgmental Towards Me”
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Plus, Gretchen didn't think Lydia was all that nice to her to begin with.

"The couple times that I was around Lydia, I felt that she was very judgmental towards me, so I was kind of like, 'Whoa, that's weird,'" Gretchen says.

Luckily, the two have managed to put that rough start behind them.

"Then, when we went on our trip to Whistler, she said, 'I feel like I prejudged you, and I feel bad about that,' so then we kind of like had a moment," she continues.

"Since the show's been airing, we've actually talked a little bit more and hung out a little bit more," Gretchen says. "I'm starting to really like her more than what I got to know of her during the filming."

We love that these two have managed to connect! So does there mean there could still be hope for Gretchen and Alexis? You never know!

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