Gretchen Rossi Is Besties With Bestselling Author Nicholas Sparks! (PHOTO)
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Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi Is Besties With Bestselling Author Nicholas Sparks! (PHOTO)

If you're like us, and you cry at the mere thought of the movie The Notebook, then you may want to grab a Kleenex box or two immediately.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is surprisingly good friends with The Notebook author Nicholas Sparks, and she posted a pic of them together on October 23.

"@Sladesmiley and I had a great time with @NicholasSparks tonight!" she captions the shot. "He is such a sweet man with a good soul! #hardtofind #dearfriend #blessed."

So how did Gretchen and Slade get to know Nicholas? Somehow, she knew you were going to ask that, as she posted the answer on Instagram.

"Last time I was with him, many of you asked how I know Nic, and the funny story is he came up to Slade and I at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills a few years back & said he was a fan of ours, we hit it off, and since then we have just become very good friends with him & his wife," Gretchen explains.

"He even referenced us in the foreword of his newest book The Longest Ride, which was such an honor!" Gretchen continues. "We adore you, Nic, and are so happy for all your amazing success!"

Whoa! Crazy, right? Who knew that Gretchen and Nicholas Freakin' Sparks were total besties, and that he actually mentioned her in a book? We're jealous!

If you're not familiar with Nicholas Sparks's name, you've certainly heard of his books, since the man is incapable of writing something that doesn't become a phenomenal bestseller. And many of his books have been made into huge movies, including Dear John, The Lucky One, and the recent Safe Haven.

We love Nicholas Sparks's books, and we love the fact that every movie based on his books has a super-hot hunk in the starring role. Keep cranking out books for hotties to star in, Nicholas!

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