Gretchen Rossi Poses In Front of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile! (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Gretchen Rossi Poses In Front of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile! (PHOTO)

Nice buns! Uh, we're talking about the buns on the vehicle, of course.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi got up close and personal with the world's largest hot dog when she posed in front of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on September 12.

Gretchen's fiance, Slade Smiley, posted the photo on Instagram of Gretchen in front of an automobile that is not quite as swanky as the Rolls Royce that Slade got for her this season on the show.

"Holy Oscar Meyer, look at the size of that wiener truck @gretchenrossi is in front of," Slade captioned the shot.

And if you're as big of a Mean Girls fan as we are, you're certainly getting flashbacks to the beloved Lindsay Lohan film, given that one of the characters' names is... Gretchen Wieners. Gotta love life imitating art, no?

We're not exactly sure where Gretchen and Slade were when they happened to spot the iconic Wienermobile, but we do love how happy Gretchen appears to be in the photo even though we doubt Gretchen eats too many hot dogs, given her amazing bikini bod. (Oops did we just almost allude to Slade's controversial "eat a cheeseburger" comment from this season? Our bad!)

So to paraphrase Mean Girls, Gretchen looks quite fetch in this photo. And yes, we're trying to make "fetch" happen.

Source: Instagram