Gretchen Rossi Shares Secrets to Her Sexy Bikini Bod — How Does She Do it?
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Gretchen Rossi Shares Secrets to Her Sexy Bikini Bod — How Does She Do it?

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi recently launched a new bikini line — Gretchen Christine for Luxe by Lisa Vogel — and she should know best about bikinis because she has the perfect bod to fill any type of swimwear.

"It truly is about moderation and for me," Gretchen told Radar Online exclusively. "I’ve struggled in the past with having an eating disorder way back in the day in high school and going through yoyo dieting and trying every pill on the market, but none of it worked [because] I wasn’t feeding my body or taking care of myself," she admits.

Gretchen said that eventually she just had to make a change in her life. "Once I decided to get healthy and let all of that go out the door, it made such a huge difference," she says. "The second that I stopped putting pressure on myself is when I really started to see the weight come off and really started to see my body transform."

So what exactly is her secret? "My secret is I eat every 2-3 hours," she explains. "Even if I’m not hungry, I eat. I eat just little bits of everything and graze all day long. And what it comes down to is you have to mentally know what it is you’re putting into your body.”

But she returns to the word moderation, saying that it's key. "A perfect example is, if one night I have a gigantic pasta dinner, the next three or four nights, I’ll eat a little bit more clean," she shares. "Or if I have a pizza, instead of eating five pieces, I’ll have two."

But what if you're constantly on the go like Gretchen? "I love trail mix, cashews, chocolate covered raisons or chocolate covered fruit," she confesses. "But again, it’s not having a whole serving of it. It’s about having two or three and putting it in your body and your body being fueled."

And what about the gym? Does Gretchen like to sweat away the pounds? "I try to stay active doing something like riding my bike, going for a walk, taking the dogs to park," she says. "I have this ongoing joke that when Slade comes down stairs and goes, 'What are you doing?,' I’m in the kitchen making dinner and doing my bicep curls."

Gretchen said she aims for at least 30-45 minutes of exercise per day, but suggests that if you are just starting out, you can start even smaller. "Let’s start today with 15 sit-ups and 15 pushups and that’s it," she says. "And then the next day do something more or add something else to it."

And what is her biggest advice for someone wanting to get on the healthy path? "Take it in baby steps. Just like anything, you’re not going to just go climb Mt. Everest. You have to build your endurance and train to be at that level."

We wish we had asked Gretchen all of this before swimsuit season!

Source: Radar Online