Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Gretchen Rossi Wishes Drama on Real Housewives of Orange County Was Fake

Everyone’s wished at some point their life was just a dream (or a bad nightmare), and Gretchen Rossi is no different! The Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up to about what common questions asked by fans. Gretchen said by far the most popular one is whether or not Real Housewives of Orange County is fake.

“I always wanna say, ‘No it’s so fake,’ because I feel like it would make us all look better,” Gretchen said. But then I have to say no, it’s all real, unfortunately.”

Sadly for the Housewives, their misfortune and drama is our entertainment! Gretchen Rossi added that viewers are only seeing a sliver of what really goes on in their lives.

“A lot of people think the show is scripted, but it’s not scripted,” she said. “It really is our real lives. Of course, you're seeing an edited version of what’s happening.”