Hilarious Fan Theories Link ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to ‘13 Reasons Why’
13 Reasons Why cast, Dylan Minnette
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Grey's Anatomy

Hilarious Fan Theories Link ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to ‘13 Reasons Why’


Dylan Minnette is becoming a bona fide star thanks to 13 Reasons Why, on which he plays Clay, a high schooler learning the reasons behind friend Hannah’s suicide through the taped confessions she left behind.

But could Clay be the same character Dylan played in Grey’s Anatomy?

In the Season 4 episode “Haunt You Every Day” — the one where Rebecca comes back to visit Alex, Erica disses Cristina for sleeping with Burke, and the Nurses Against Mark Sloan club forms — Dylan plays a young boy named Ryan.

Grey’s Anatomy, Dylan Minnette
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Ryan, whose mom works in the hospital cafeteria, has all the internal necessities to hear, but he was born without the outer structure of the ear.

Meredith gets Mark to reconstruct Ryan’s ears pro bono — but first Ryan “trick-or-treats for ears” as Mer introduces him to Bailey and Richard.

Grey’s Anatomy, Dylan Minnette
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Elsewhere in the episode, Ryan pranks Mark into thinking he’s his son in exchange for $5 from Derek, tells Meredith that Sydney is a more “cheerful” match for Derek than she is, and inspires Mer to flush her mom’s ashes down the OR scrub sink drain.

(If that last moment sounds familiar, Mer and Richard told Diane about it in Season 13’s March 30 episode.)

Fast-forward 10 years, and Dylan, now 20 years old, is a star of 13 Reasons Why, along with an actor who had a much bigger part on Grey’s.

Kate Walsh, who played Addison Montgomery on two seasons of the show, plays Mrs. Baker on the Netflix show — Hannah’s grieving mother.

And now Twitter users are having fun with the Grey’s Anatomy13 Reasons Why connection.

“Good thing Mark Sloan gave this kid ears so he could listen to Hannah's tapes,” tweets @emster757.

@nonemotionaI takes it a step further: “Meredith Grey helped Clay Jensen get ears so he could listen to tapes left by Addison Montgomery’s daughter.”

OK, that’s definitely not Addison Montgomery in 13 Reasons Why — but it is her secret twin sister, and Clay is actually the identity Ryan chose after he and his family were put into witness protection. All of this is very plausible.