Grey’s Anatomy Burning Question: Will Someone Other Than Adele Die in 2013?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Burning Question: Will Someone Other Than Adele Die in 2013?

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It was recently revealed that a beloved character on Grey's Anatomy is going to die in early 2013. Then, a new spoiler popped up revealing that Richard’s (James Pickens Jr.) wife Adele (Loretta Devine), who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s, will die in early 2013.

But is Adele’s death definitely the same one referred to in the earlier spoiler?

On one hand, Adele definitely qualifies as a long-time, beloved character. And viewers have been expecting this day to come ever since Season 8, when Richard and Adele became so disconnected due to her illness that he had no choice but to commit her to a nursing care facility, and accept her infidelities.

In fact, as we pointed out in our list of reasons why Adele would be the one to die next year, Richard’s ability to move on to a new relationship with Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) mom Catherine is a surefire sign that Adele’s days are numbered. We want Richard to be happy, and we don’t want his currently estranged marriage to get in the way.

But let’s consider the possibility that Adele’s death is more of an expected storyline, whereas the earlier spoiler about a character dying is about someone else entirely. Grey’s fans know how well this show handles shocking deaths, especially this season. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone besides Adele is on the chopping block early next year.

What do you think? Do you think the original spoiler definitely refers to Adele, or are you scared it’s relegated to another unexpected death?

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