Grey’s Anatomy Death Watch: 3 Reasons Why Richard Will Die in 2013
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Grey’s Anatomy Death Watch: 3 Reasons Why Richard Will Die in 2013

It’s sad but true: Yet another “beloved” Grey's Anatomy character will pass away in Season 9. While the bombshell spoiler indicates that this death will occur in early 2013, we’re busy trying to anticipate who it will be. We’ve already gone over reasons why it might be Adele but now let’s take a closer look at Richard’s (James Pickens Jr.) probabilities.

Here are three reasons why Dr. Webber might be down for the count.

He’s finally happy. We truly love Adele, so it hurts to say this, but Richard has never been happier now that Adele is out of his life. He spent much of Season 8 crippled by her increasingly progressive Alzheimer’s, and then was devastated by her adultery with another patient. Now, he has Catherine Avery by his side (and in his bed), and he’s often seen smiling in the halls of Seattle Grace-Mercy West. If someone has to die, at least Richard would be doing it with a smile on his face.

Would he know what to do without his job? Remember those scenes at the end of The Shawshank Redemption, when Morgan Freeman’s character didn’t know what to do with himself after getting freed from prison? That’s how we picture Richard’s life after his medical career is over. It’s possible that Richard is considering retirement very soon, but we can’t imagine what his life would be like without his job. We suspect he can’t either.

He hasn’t been featured this season. Aside from a few funny asides here and there regarding Catherine, Richard really hasn’t been a major player in any of Season 9’s storylines. The impending lawsuit has nothing to do with him now that Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) the Chief, and his main function has been as a foil for Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) awkward sexual situations. Has Shonda Rhimes run out of Richard storylines?

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