Grey’s Anatomy Death Watch: Why April Kepner Will Die in 2013
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Grey’s Anatomy Death Watch: Why April Kepner Will Die in 2013

Another “beloved” character is going to bite the dust in an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 9 in 2013. Naturally, we have already started making a list of who might die, and why. Check out the Top Three reasons we think April Kepner (Sarah Drew)is going to kick the bucket soon.

1. She’s not one of the originals, so we know she isn’t being held to a two year contract. Earlier this year, it was announced that all of the originals had re-signed on to Grey’s for 2-year contracts. We don’t know what kind of contracts the newbies signed (if their contracts were even up at all) so we can’t say for sure that any of them are safe.

2. She’s in for a shock. Previews have hinted at the idea of April thinking that she’s pregnant, which she may or may not be. However, considering all the “shock” that is being described around April for next week’s episode (Season 9, Episode 7: "I Was Made for Lovin’ You"), her pregnancy could be a sign of a bigger, life-threatening illness. Maybe April’s period stops, she freaks and checks to see if she’s pregnant, and the doctors find out that her periods stopped because of a bigger, fatal illness.

3. Jackson will sleep with someone new in 2013. While Jackson and April aren’t exactly boyfriend and girlfriend just yet, we find it hard to believe that sweetie Jackson would sleep with someone other than April since he knows it would hurt her immensely. But, we know that he will fool around with someone new, so we have to think that either he and April are completely over or something happened to April. If April passes away, there’s no reason for Jackson to not test the waters with a new girl, right?

Do you think April is a goner? Let us know in the comments.

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