‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recasts Owen’s Sister, Megan — Who’s Playing Her Now?
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recasts Owen’s Sister, Megan — Who’s Playing Her Now?


Bridget Regan, we hardly knew ye.

The actress played Megan Hunt, Owen’s formerly-missing sister, in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 — but producers for the ABC hit have recast the role for Season 14.

Keep reading to see who will play her now — odds are, you’ll recognize her — and why Bridget had to bow out.

Megan served as an Army surgeon alongside Owen and fellow future Grey Sloan surgeon Nathan Riggs — in a foreign locale never specified — but went M.I.A. along with the rest of her helicopter crew.

Both men carried a lot guilt about Megan’s disappearance: Nathan said he let her join the doomed chopper mission, and Owen said he encouraged her to go to get her away from Nathan after she told Owen that Nathan had been cheating on her.

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Fast forward to the end of Season 13, when Owen got fateful news: Megan had been found in a basement in a rebel-held neighborhood, and she was being transported to MEDCOM in Germany, where former Grey Sloan surgeon Teddy Altman currently works.

Amelia Shepherd had Teddy transfer Megan to Seattle, and she and Owen went to Madigan Army Medical Center to meet her.

When Meredith Grey told Nathan the news, he sped off to meet Megan, presumably breaking up with Meredith.

The good doctor Grey doesn’t blame him — she said she’d do the same if late husband Derek Shepherd were somehow found alive — but she still looked happy for him and sad for herself. (Ellen Pompeo is a great actress.)

Anyhoo, now that she’s back in Seattle, Megan will be a big presence in Season 14.

We’d expected Bridget Regan to reprise her role, but TVLine reports she can’t get out of her duties on her full-time gig, the TNT drama The Last Ship.

(The star of that show? Former Grey’s star Eric Dane, coincidentally.)

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Luckily for the Grey’s producers, they found a bona fide TV star who is not only available but also looks like Bridget.

They’ve cast Abigail Spencer, star of Timeless and Rectify, in the part.

(You might also recognize the 35-year-old from her recurring roles on Mad Men and Suits — or, for that matter, her first time in Shondaland, as a guest star on Grey’s spin-off Private Practice.)

Timeless was canceled and then un-canceled in May, but Abigail is able to film her multi-episode arc on Grey’s because Timeless’s second season won’t start production until January, TVLine states.

Not that we’d ever hope that a show gets canceled — or re-canceled, in this case — but if Timeless gets the ax again after Season 2, perhaps Abigail can join Grey’s full-time for the inevitable Season 15.

Megan Hunt is a surgeon, after all...

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By the way, Megan isn’t the only character making a Season 14 reprise: Teddy is coming back to Grey’s, too!

Actress Kim Raver left the show at the end of Season 8, but she’ll recur this season while Teddy helps Megan’s transition to Seattle.

Only eight more weeks to wait!

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 premieres on Thursday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.