‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 23 Recap: “True Colors”
Grey’s Anatomy recap, Season 13 Episode 23
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Grey's Anatomy

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 23 Recap: “True Colors”


Penultimate episodes of TV seasons are better than the finales, and next week’s Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale has a hard act to follow after May 11’s “True Colors.”

One doctor found his girlfriend’s monster of a husband, one got life-changing news about his missing sister, and one doctor made a probably-fatal judgment call that literally blew up in her face…

Let’s start with the most insignificant storyline, which is Alex finding Jo’s abusive husband. When we’re calling that the most insignificant storyline, you know it’s an intense episode.

Turns out, the guy is a doctor named Paul Stadler, played by Glee’s Matthew Morrison.

Alex follows him to a medical conference and pretends to fanboy over him, using the name Alex Stevens. (Shout-out to ex-wife Izzie Stevens!)

He buys him a drink, which leads to more drinks, and once Paul is good and drunk, Alex gives him the kind of brutal beatdown usually reserved for guys named Andrew DeLuca.

This assault is particularly satisfying for anyone who watched Will Schuester rap “Gold Digger” on Glee, but the cops come, and Alex gets thrown in the slammer.

Except, psych! It’s all a fantasy in Alex’s head.

Then Alex confronts Paul right before Paul’s lecture and tells him to never come near Jo again or else Alex will kill him. A slightly more mature approach.

Then Alex goes back to Jo’s apartment only to find her choking to death under Paul’s stranglehold. “Hey, Alex,” Paul says. “Found her. Thanks.”

Yeah, no. That too was only in Alex’s head.

In reality, Alex does nothing. He even lets Paul steal his taxi. As the taxi drives away, Paul turns looks at Alex with an inscrutable expression.

Something tells us we haven’t seen the last of Paul, and Alex’s magnanimity in letting him go unscathed will come back to haunt him.

Back in Seattle, two Army officers arrive at Owen’s door with news that puts him into a fugue state. He’s preoccupied and volatile at work, slapping a choking baby’s back with a ferocity that surprises even April. Later, when the baby’s mother thanks him with a hug, he shoves her away.

Despite their ongoing marital problems, Owen was there in Amelia’s hour of need, and she’s there for him now, and he finally reveals the news.

“They said they found her,” he says. “They said they found Megan.”

“Owen, I’m so sorry,” Amelia says, assuming the Army found Owen’s MIA sister dead. “At least you know. Maybe you can find some peace.”

That’s when Owen drops the bombshell: “They said that she’s alive.”

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Owen tells Amelia they found Megan in a basement in a rebel-held neighborhood and took her to an Army hospital in Germany. Does “Army hospital in Germany” sounds familiar? Yep, that’s where Teddy Altman is working now, and Amelia calls her for confirmation. (No reappearance of former Grey’s star Kim Raver, sadly.)

Amelia arranges for Megan to be transferred to Grey Sloan and then calls in a PTSD expert. Owen rebuffs that idea, saying they should wait and see how Megan is; and Amelia tells him the PTSD expert is for him, too. (In the words of that Jurassic Park raptor hunter, “Clever girl.”)

Sure enough, Owen starts sobbing, saying he gave up on Megan and moved on with his life — and getting married, divorced, and married again while his sister was “in a hole in the ground for almost 10 years.”

Later, Amelia tells Meredith the news, and Mer says she should tell Nathan, since he had been dating (and cheating on) Megan at the time of Megan’s disappearance.

“If Derek were alive, I would want to know right now,” Mer tells Amelia. (Shonda Rhimes & Co. will never stop twisting that knife in our hearts!)

With that, Mer heads to the hospital to deliver the news.

The most explosive storyline is Stephanie’s, though. She’s back at the hospital after a modicum of counseling, and Richard reluctantly reinstates her. She jumps in on the the case of Allison and Keith, two people who were having sex in a parked car when it shifted into gear and crashed. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

Keith does a good job of feigning concern for Allison, so much so that Stephanie agrees to wheel him over to her room after Jackson leaves the room.

But then Allison finally regains consciousness long enough to warn the doctors about Keith, saying, “Please tell me I killed him.”

Turns out, Keith had tried to rape her at knifepoint, and she hit the gas pedal out of desperation.

Once Jackson sees that Steph and Keith aren’t where he left them — and Jackson feels a lot of guilt over leaving them alone together — Bailey orders a lockdown, and the police fan out to find them.

As Stephanie navigates Keith’s wheelchair down a hallway, Nurse Brody tells her that there’s a rapist in the hospital and the police are en route. Brody leaves; and Keith jumps up, puts a scalpel to Stephanie’s throat, and commands her to help him escape.

Steph takes him to the stairwell, but when another doc approaches, they duck through a pair of double doors onto a deserted floor. Erin — the young, nosy sister of that choking baby from before — is there, too.

And that’s when the electronic locks on the doors kick in, trapping the three alone on that floor.

While trying to protect Erin, Stephanie says the only way Keith can get the doors open is if security calls off the lockdown… or if the emergency systems are triggered by “a fire or something.”

Thus, with a metal rod, a piece of fabric, and some alcohol as accelerant, Keith devises a makeshift torch to get a flame close enough to the ceiling to set off the smoke detector.

And while he’s distracted, Stephanie eyes the supplies at his feet, scheming. It’s not the scalpel she’s interested in, though. It’s the alcohol, as Keith realizes as he’s getting doused in liquid. He turns, and there’s Stephanie, squirting him like a gosh-darn hero.

In slow motion, Keith’s eyes follow a piece of burning fabric as it drops to the floor, and in a flash he’s immolated. (Anyone else getting Lancel Lannister wildfire vibes here?)

Stephanie carries Erin behind into another room and closes the door, but then she sees Keith collapsing in a lab across the hall, right next to a tank marked “flammable.”

“Oh, God,” she says, realizing what she has to do. She makes a mad dash for Keith’s burning body, presumably to extinguish him, but the tank blows, and she’s thrown through the air to an unknown fate — OK, to a known fate.

Outside, Meredith has just arrived at the hospital’s parking lot when she sees that explosion blow off the side of the building.

See you next week!

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale — Episode 24, “Ring of Fire” — airs on Thursday, May 18 at 8 p.m ET on ABC.