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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Saying Goodbye to Tessa Ferrer and Gaius Charles (VIDEO)

In case you missed it, it's curtains for two of our beloved Grey's Anatomy doctors. As Deadline first reported on March 25, the show is saying its farewells to Gaius Charles (Shane Ross) and Tessa Ferrer (Leah Murphy) — as producers for the show have decided not to pick up the actors' contracts for the all-but-confirmed Season 11.

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Wait, did we say "beloved"? It sounds like some of you are saying "good riddance" to the departing cast members.

"Thank God!" wrote one commenter on our original post. "Those two are on my last damn nerves."

"Both of them annoy me, so no loss," wrote another.

In fact, nearly all of the comments on the post are anti-Leah and anti-Shane. And perhaps that's why the show is giving them the boot.

Now, all we can do is speculate as to how the characters will be written off the show. We're due for another cataclysmic disaster in the Grey's version of Seattle, and one producer told us that the finale would leave us "shaken." Might an earthquake be the downfall of Leah and Shane?

Or — bear with us — is Shane departing with Cristina? After all, Sandra Oh is leaving two, and the two characters have hooked up a few times. Don't hate us, Crowen fans!

How do you think their storylines will end? Speculate away in the comments below!