‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Jackson’s Father Is Coming
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Jackson’s Father Is Coming


We know Jackson’s famous grandfather on Grey's Anatomy, and we know Jackson’s equally impressive mother, but there’s one branch of the Avery family tree that’s been hidden to us.

That’s about to change: Jackson’s dad is coming.

Since the Jesse Williams character joined the show in Season 6, we haven’t learned much about his past. But we’ve met his grandpa, Massachusetts General surgeon Harper Avery, the namesake of the prestigious Harper Avery Award.

And Jackson’s mother, of course, is Catherine Avery, a brilliant urologist, Harper’s ex-daughter-in-law, and the chairman of the Harper Avery Foundation.

Even aside from her authoritative presence, she holds a lot of sway at Grey Sloan Memorial, since the foundation is the majority shareholder of the hospital.

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The only time we really heard about Jackson’s father, though, was last season — in Season 12, Episode 17 — as Jackson and April navigated their divorce.

Catherine told Richard about her ex-husband to illustrate her point: She’ll go to the mat for her son and expects her son to do the same for his child.

“Jackson’s father could be loving and generous and fun. He also could be a child... selfish, spiteful,” she told Richard.

“When we ended, he just wanted to hurt me, so he took the only thing that mattered. He took Jackson. He took him across country, thought he could take my boy from me and that I would just roll over.”

“I told him he didn’t know who the hell he married,” she continued.

“I fought for my son, and I'm not about to stop fighting. Richard, war is ugly, senseless, and scary as hell, but there are some things worth going to war over.”

Now it seems the Grey’s writers scripted that conversation as a tease of Papa Avery’s arrival.

“We are going to meet Jackson’s father,” actress Sarah Drew tells Entertainment Weekly.

We don’t know who will play him or when he’ll appear… but we do know to brace for impact!

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