‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Jackson and April Will Find Happiness
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, April Kepner, Sarah Drew, Jackson Avery, Jesse Williams
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Jackson and April Will Find Happiness


Compared to Season 12, Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 has been very, very good to Jackson Avery and April Kepner.

Sure, the docs are still divorced, but they’ve hit their co-parenting stride, and they’re back to actually liking each other as human beings.

Now stars Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew reveal more happiness is in store for the two surgical ex-spouses…

Their comments come on the heels of the news the ABC drama will grant us another Japril-centric episode in March, an installment directed by co-star Kevin McKidd.

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And it’s in that hour of television that we’ll see Jackson and April — dare we say it? — smiling.

“There is some happiness,” Jesse, 35, tells Entertainment Tonight.

“We’re actually so dedicated to presenting and delivering some happiness that we have our own episode that’s just us, off on a trip together, without anybody else.”

Sarah previously revealed that episode will take Jackson and Avery out of the hospital and even across state lines, as the two docs trek out to Montana for a medical case.

“We don’t come back to the hospital,” Sarah says now. “We stay there.”

“It’s just us, so if you’re into Japril... you get what you asked for,” her TV ex-husband adds.

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“We’re really proud of it. It’s really kind of different in style and tone than our show is normally,” Jesse explains.

“You watch the silence and the pain and the love and the tension, but they’re also on a journey as individuals, so it’s something we’re really proud of. It’s going to be a great episode.”

“It was such a gift,” his 36-year-old scene partner says. “I was really, really excited about it.”

As Wetpaint previously reported, ABC wants as much Grey’s Anatomy as possible, and these two longtime actors confirm there’s no talk of an endgame.

“I don’t think there’s any foreseeable end in sight,” Sarah says.

“Yeah, I’ve stopped guessing and stopped being amazed,” Jesse adds.

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We’re not amazed by the show’s longevity either, but we fully anticipate being amazed when this Japril episode airs this March… especially if Jackson and April make a romantic reunion. (Hint hint, Shonda & Co.!)