Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: April Kepner’s Best Moments
Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: April Kepner’s Best Moments
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: April Kepner’s Best Moments


After April Kepner (Sarah Drew) failed her boards last year on Grey’s Anatomy, we hoped things would get better for her. But instead, she has had quite a bumpy ride this season: nervous breakdowns, pregnancy scares, new relationships — what hasn’t April gone through lately?

And while she hasn’t made the best choices this season, we’re still on her side. Here are April’s best moments of Season 9:

April gets her job back. After failing the boards in Season 8, April quit her job at the hospital and moved home to work on her family’s farm — totally not a job we could ever see her doing, unless she was a vet. Fortunately, Owen flew in to convince her to return to the hospital as an attending, and she couldn’t say no. April started Season 9 back in the operating room, where she belongs.

Jackson and April are back together... or so we thought Once April returned to the hospital, she and Jackson decided to try things again, and we were so happy they did. You know, ‘til she ruined it by saying she “dodged a bullet” because she didn’t have to marry Jackson anymore. Oops. But it’s okay, April — we still think there’s hope for you two crazy kids.

April’s relationship with Matthew. Even though we love Jackson and April together, we can’t help but like Matthew, the cute paramedic who swept her off her feet with burritos in the front seat of his ambulance. He seems to really love her and they’re a good fit together, especially since he shares her beliefs. After finding out she lied to him about her virginity, Matthew was mad at first but ultimately decided to stick by her. Sounds like a winner!

April ignores the new Pegasus rules to save a patient. During a ride along with Matthew, they ran a call to a hit and run accident where a little boy was dying in the street. Because Pegasus closed the ER at Seattle Grace to save money, the next closest one was way too far away for the little boy to make it to and still survived. Instead of following the rules, April took the patient to the Seattle Grace ER and arranged for an incognito operation — the kind of thing we love to see on Grey’s.

What are your favorite April moments from Season 9? Share below!