Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 ‘Shipper Breakdown: What’s Next for Each Couple?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 ‘Shipper Breakdown: What’s Next for Each Couple?

As Wetpaint Entertainment originally reported, Sarah Drew (April Kepner) has confirmed that April will be back for Grey's Anatomy Season 9. Which means that April and Jackson (Jesse Williams) will still have a lot of unresolved feelings to tidy up come fall.

But the future of their relationship got us thinking about all the other ‘ships on Grey’s, and where our favorite couples stand heading into the new season. Let’s take a look.

Meredith and Derek: More In Love Than Ever
In the Season 8 finale (Season 8, Episode 24, "Flight"), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) suffered the loss of her sister Lexie (Chyler Leigh), and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) suffered a potentially career-ending injury to his hand. But despite these tragedies in Mer and Der’s respective lives, they have the unique experience of having gone through the accident together. Derek was right there with his wife when Lexie died, and Meredith worked on temporarily healing Derek’s hand immediately after he freed it from the wreckage. If anything, these two have grown even closer together, the way soldiers in battle walk away with a permanent bond.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 ‘Shipper Breakdown: What’s Next for Each Couple?
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Callie and Arizona: Uncertain Future
Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) had a reasonably pleasant, uneventful season as far as their marriage goes. Sure, Callie was a little jealous when Arizona’s first boyfriend showed up towards the end of Season 8, but she quickly realized how petty those feelings were compared to Arizona’s heartache over losing her friend. But it wasn’t until the season finale that this team’s future together became uncertain. Will Arizona survive her serious injuries? If she makes it back to Callie alive, how will the shock affect her ability to be intimate, physically and emotionally, with her wife?

Owen and Cristina: Gotta Have Faith
By the end of the season, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) had built up enough issues to keep a shrink busy for the rest of his or her career. And judging from the penultimate episode (Season 8, Episode 23: "Migration"), Cristina had officially decided to separate from Owen and pursue her post-Boards career at the Mayo Clinic. But how will the accident change the way Cristina feels about her marriage, her friendships, and possibly even her decision not to have any children? Could the near-death experience make Cristina reexamine her perception of family, and what really matters? Kevin has hinted that he thinks Owen and Cristina are meant to be together, and showrunner Shonda Rhimes has voiced her deep appreciation for them as a couple. It seems like a little faith could go a long way in this marriage.

Jackson and April: Friends With Awkward Benefits
Even though April clearly struggled after losing her virginity to BFF Jackson — what with breaking her promise to God, failing the Boards, and getting fired from Seattle Grace — the finale made it clear that these best friends care about each other too much to simply cut ties. Given April’s neuroses and tendency to make everything awkward, we foresee a lot of sexual tension between these two. Whether or not they can make a real relationship work remains to be seen.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 ‘Shipper Breakdown: What’s Next for Each Couple?
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Mark and Julia: Zombieland
Mark (Eric Dane) told Lexie in her final moments that they were soulmates. And Eric has said as much in recent interviews. So how could his already shaky relationship with perfectly-acceptable-but-not-Lexie Julia possibly move forward? We predict that Mark will go through a periodic depression, turning him into a zombie surgeon of sorts, focused on his work only. Sorry, Julia, but we don’t see a permanent place in Mark’s heart opening up for you.

Bailey and Ben: Next Comes Marriage
We happen to believe that Bailey (Chanda Wilson) finally deserves love, and Ben is the ideal counterpart for her snarky personality. He’s patient when Bailey isn’t, and he’s a nurturer in all the moments when Bailey doesn’t even know she needs to be nurtured. Their last-minute confusion on how to make a long-distance relationship work (Ben will be moving to California for a better career opportunity, and Bailey will remain in Seattle for the time being) may have forced them into a serious decision just days after getting engaged, but they both showed enormous maturity and trust by choosing to love each other from a slight distance.

Which Grey’s couple do you ship? Share with us in the comments!

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