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Grey’s Anatomy: Who’s On and Who’s Off in Season 7, Episode 7?

Like any great show, the relationships on Grey's constantly have us on our toes. Here's a recap of the latest couples going strong, the couples dying slow, painful deaths, and the couples whose love has been brought back to life (for another episode at least).

Off, and Continents Apart: Callie and Arizona
Arizona finally decided that she had had enough of Callie's naysaying, and banned her from the African excursion. Too bad said excursion is set to last three years. Long-distance romances aren't impossible, but with that amount of distance and that amount of time and that amount of bad blood between them now, Calzona seems pretty doomed.

Off, as Twisted Sisters: Cristina and Meredith
After months of letting almost everything go unsaid, Cristina finally went off on Meredith, basically blaming her for all of Cristina's hang-ups. Meredith definitely got a raw deal, but then again, it's hard not to agree with Cristina to a certain degree. Meredith did kinda demand that Cristina save Derek even though doing so meant a near-certain bullet from Mr. Clark.

Off, as Research Partners: Meredith and Derek
Following hours and hours of writers block (which is kinda ridiculous — it was just a grant proposal), Derek decided that the reason he couldn't go further is that Meredith is clouding his vision. So he told Meredith to keep her distance. And Meredith practically said, "Eh."


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11.10.2010 / 03:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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