We really loved Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 9 finale, but we hate the fact that this means we have to wait until September to know what the heck happened to Richard Webber. Fortunately, soon we’ll be able to relive our favorite moments from Season 9 anytime we want!

Credit: ABC

Cover art and a release date for Grey’s AnatomyThe Complete 9th Season have finally been released! (And that “Everything Changes” couldn’t be more accurate.) We will be able to buy the DVDs in stores on August 27, 2013, which means we should be able to refresh our memories of everything that happened in Season 9 before the Season 10 begins.

Stay tuned for more news on the DVD release — we’re hoping some awesome special features will be included!

Are you looking forward to the season 9 DVDs? What do you think of the cover art? Sound off in the comments!