Credit: Katherine Heigl's Instagram Photo: Katherine Heigl's Goat

Can't picture your favorite actor or actress feeding their goat in their Los Angeles backyard? That's because this lady lives in Utah with her family and farm animals!

That's right, all of you nature lovers. Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens), her husband Josh Kelley, and their two daughters, Naleigh and Adalaide, reside in Utah on their ranch. The famous family made the move back in 2010, leaving star-studded Hollywood for a more low-key atmosphere.

Katherine took to Instagram over the weekend, giving us an inside glimpse of life on the ranch. Along with a photo of a goat munching on some bread, she wrote, "One of our new baby goats on the ranch! I loooovvveee them!!"

As for why the Heigl/Kelly clan settled in Utah? In an interview with Huffington Post from 2010, Josh said, "It was a dream of Katie's for years. We got married out there and I just fell in love with it. It's amazing and one of my favorite places in the world. What we'll probably do is put our time between Nashville and Utah. When we were in L.A., we were never in the scene. We don't really leave the house. I stay in my studio and write music all the time... The only thing I miss about L.A. is the golf course! Other than that, no. I don't miss the traffic, I don't miss the fact that our yard was too small for our animals."

Well now they have plenty of room for those animals and especially the baby goats! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.