Credit: ABC

While we still have a few months until Grey’s Anatomy returns, we anxiously await each clue about Season 10. They are typically vague, as Shonda Rhimes and her team have only written a few episodes, but it doesn’t make each hint any less exciting.

So, when writer Dan Bucatinsky (who also stars on Scandal) tweeted out his description of the season, we were thrilled. A fan asked, “Can we see Cristina and Owen being each other’s person in S10?” and he replied... just not answering that question.

We are going to take that as “Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy is gonna be great for Cristina and Owen,” though that’s likely not the case. In the Season 9 finale, they broke up when Cristina was completely unselfish and wanted Owen to be able to have kids — something she knows she never wants. Does that mean they’re done for good, though? Who knows. Hopefully Dan will drop some more clues soon.

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