Ever since Kate Walsh joined Tumblr, she’s been posting amazing things. Though we’re most excited when there’s a cat GIF or a throwback Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice picture, she also surprises us with wacky posts and colorful commentary — and yesterday, she did just that.

While seemingly stuck in traffic, Kate snapped this pic of a huge billboard for The Lone Ranger, featuring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, and wrote a shocking caption: “I wanna f**k this billboard #sosexy.”

Whoa now! Clearly she’s excited for the movie and its hot stars, though we’re not sure if we’d get that excited about Johnny’s intense face makeup. Though both actors are undoubtedly sexy, do they compare to her former on-screen love interests? Even if we’re just talking about Grey’s, we’re on the fence if they stack up to McDreamy and McSteamy...

This wasn’t Kate’s wackiest post of the day, though. That prize goes to a reblog of James Franco dressed as a cat while holding a cat, captioned, “Who do you think is a bigger cat person, me or James Franco?”

Oh, Kate. Never change!

What do you think of Kate’s thoughts about The Lone Ranger? Sound off below!

Source: Kate Walsh’s Tumblr