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With Cristina Yang's time at Grey Sloan Memorial is running short, Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 already has a dark cloud over looming over it. But here's some good news, Grey's fans: one familiar face is definitely returning to our beloved Seattle hospital. 

While rumors swirled that Jason George (Bailey’s husband, Ben Warren) wouldn’t come back now that he’s booked a big arc on Lifetime’s Witches of East End, according to him, that is not the case. When an upset fan asked him yesterday, he tweeted:

Phew! Though Ben doesn’t currently live in Seattle with his wife, he came back in the final few episodes of Season 9 to comfort her after the CDC investigation, and we can’t imagine the show completely without him — especially if Richard Webber dies. Though Shonda confirmed portrayer James Pickens Jr. will return in Season 10, she didn’t say if it was in scrubs or a casket.

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