Credit: ABC

Scandal’s Season 3 premiere is going meta. Creator Shonda Rhimes announced on July 18 that Episode 1 is titled “It’s Handled,” aka Olivia Pope’s signature line.

Given that the final seconds of the Season 2 finale found Olivia discovering that Mellie, her presidential lover’s wife, leaked her name to the press and her estranged father — who before seemed like the show’s Big Bad — swooped in to save her.

We have no idea where the show picks up, but the first table read was yesterday, so hopefully intel starts to trickle out. Given the title of the episode, it will likely focus on Olivia handling her own situation — or perhaps calling in someone to help her out of this mess.

With Kerry Washington (Olivia) and Dan Bucatinsky (James Novak) nominated for 2013 Emmys, Shonda & Co. must be upping the ante for Season 3. We can’t wait to see what comes, including an inevitable showdown between Mellie and Olivia.

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Credit: Shonda Rhimes on WhoSay Photo: Scandal Season 3, Episode 1 Premiere Title: "It's Handled"