Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 filming is underway, which means spoilery tidbits are finally coming out. We’ve seen a few hints throughout the past week, but none of them were as amazing as Camilla Luddington’s reaction to the first two episodes.

After telling everyone they’d need tequila during the premiere, Camilla adjusted her stance to say that she only has three words for the first two eps: “Oh my God.”

Of course, she didn’t do this with a simple tweet — she did it with a hilarious screencap from Just Friends of a pleasantly plump Ryan Reynolds saying those three words (shown below, for your viewing pleasure):

We have three words for you, Camilla: “We love you.” Though this teaser doesn’t tell us what’s happening to Jo — but the same goes for Ellen Pompeo and Jessica Capshaw’s — we’re still on the edge of our seats with excitement and nervousness for Season 10.

Do you think that there will be death in the premiere, a huge disaster, or something else? Speculate wildly below!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 premieres on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.