Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 is already shaping up to be full of drama, and though the super storm is apparently still happening in the premiere, there are still some big changes ahead.

However, Jessica Capshaw notes that Arizona Robbins hasn’t changed — at least when it comes to her hair.

Yesterday, the actress shared an on-set photo of her ‘do, which miraculously grew overnight! Well, thanks to some extensions it did. While Jess chopped off her hair over the hiatus, Arizona’s long locks stayed the same.

“Remember when I cut my hair short over hiatus? Well, forget that because Arizona did NOT cut her hair over hiatus,” she captioned the stunning photo. In the pic, she’s not wearing her scrubs or white coat, so we have no idea what type of scene she could be filming. We’re guessing it isn’t a date night with wife Callie after what happened last season, but hey, anything can happen...

What do you think of Arizona’s long hair? Should she chop it off like Jessica, or do you not care how she looks as long as Calzona reunites? Sound off below!