The Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 premiere is shaping up to be a dramatic and emotional hour, but after the two-hour episode, we may be able to breathe easy; in fact, we could even be laughing!

Yesterday evening, the cast sat down for the Season 10, Episode 3 table read, and boss Shonda Rhimes revealed that everyone was in good spirits and having fun. She tweeted:

Wait, a lot of laughter? Is this another alternate universe episode? We’re not going to question it because we’d love all of our favorite docs to be happy, but we can’t help but be worried, too. Going from the traumatic super storm to laughter seems a bit crazy, but it gives us hope that maybe Richard Webber isn’t dead.

Either way, this is Episode 199, meaning the milestone 2-0-0 is just around the corner. So. Excited.

Do you think this episode will be all happy, or were the actors just goofing around? Sound off below!