Credit: Shonda Rhimes on WhoSay Photo: Shonda Rhimes's Deleted WhoSay Photo, Showing James Pickens Jr.

Richard Webber seems to be alive and kicking after that nasty jolt he took at the end of Season 9. But — shhh! — Shonda didn't mean to blab that fact.

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes posted and then quickly deleted a WhoSay photo of the cast at the 200th table read — including one James Pickens Jr.

Richard, in case you missed it, was electrocuted while trying to get Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital back online during the season finale's super-storm. When we last saw him, he was unconscious and looking definitively worse for the wear.

Shonda then tweeted "Crap" — before deleting both posts.

Unfortunately for her, however, we screen-grabbed the whole misfire.

Credit: Shonda Rhimes on Twitter Photo: Shonda Rhimes Realizes Her Mistake

We originally thought James could be playing Richard in a flashback for the landmark episode — especially since Shonda is so conscientious about keeping storylines under wraps — but her follow-up tweet and subsequent scorched-earth deletion suggests that she realized that she just spoiled her own show.

Hey, Wonder Woman Showrunner though she may be, she's still human!

Source: Shonda Rhimes on Twitter, Shonda Rhimes on WhoSay

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