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There's nothing that Olivia Pope & Associates can't handle — except mouthfuls of sandwiches, corpses stuck to mattresses, slippery floors, and inoperable doors.

Those obstacles (and more) provide the mistakes, gags, crack-ups, and misfires featured in Scandal's Season 2 blooper reel.

The hilarious montage is included on the show's Season 2 DVD set, which comes out Sept. 3, but you can see it right here if you're not that patient! (Do you think Olivia would ever be "patient"? No.)

Of course, if you haven't watched this latest magnum opus from Shonda Rhimes, it's also streaming on Netflix — though you'll undoubtedly see the Gladiators much more straight-faced than they are here.

After seeing this clip, would you prefer the show to be a sitcom? Or is it better as an over-the-top drama? Sound off below!

Source: Access Hollywood

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