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Only someone so crushable as Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) could be say such nice things about co-star and onscreen love interest Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) while enduring excruciating pain.

Kevin hurt himself recently while surfing — bruising or possibly even cracking his rib — and it reminded him of one of his first scenes with Sandra.

He carried her 15 times? We're not saying Sandra is a big person to carry, but still, we hope he ate his Wheaties that morning!

Poor Kevin is not the first TV star to suffer for his art — we've rounded up 10 other stars who have been injured on set.

And, umm, Kevin, we happen to know a certain rock star orthopedic surgeon who could fix you up — if only she wasn’t fictional!

Source: Kevin McKidd on Twitter

Credit: YouTube Photo: Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Promo: Who Dies in the Two-Hour Premiere? (VIDEO)
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