Ready to get ritzy, Grey's Anatomy fans? You'd better be. The show's 200th episode — the fourth installment of Season 10, airing Oct. 10 — is titled "Puttin' on the Ritz."

That title is one of five revealed by The Futon Critic.

We knew already that the season premiere on Sept. 26 is named "Seal Our Fate," but it's a two-hour event, and the second episode airing that night is "I Want You With Me."

The Oct. 3 chapter, Episode 3, is "Everybody's Crying Mercy." Then comes that landmark 200th episode. Episode 5, "I Bet It Stung," airs Oct. 17; followed by Episode 6, "Map of You," airing Oct. 24.

As we all know by now — or, at least, should know — each Grey's episode shares its name with a song. "I Want You With Me" is an Elvis song off his 1961 album Something for Everybody. "Everybody's Cryin' Mercy" is a Mose Allison song off his 1982 album Lessons in Living. "Puttin' on the Ritz: in a 1929 Irving Berlin song (which was famously remixed by Taco in 1983). "I Bet It Stung" was a 2004 song by Grey's soundtrack staple Tegan and Sara off their album So Jealous. And "A Map of You" is a 1980 song by New Musik off of From A to B (Straight Lines).

And the episode titles usually correlate to the plot, so speculate away about what these names could mean for the storyline in the comment section below!

Source: The Futon Critic

Credit: HuffPost TV Photo: Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez on "Messy" Season 10 (VIDEO)
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