Forget saving other people's lives — Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) should just focus on making sure she herself doesn't die. It's a skill at which she hasn't been particularly stellar.

The editing wizards at the HuffPost have made a master montage of all five times Meredith nearly bit the bullet.

You know, that time she nearly blew up in cloud of pink mist, that time she stumbled into Puget Sound and failed to swim, that time she (in essence) said to spree-shooter Gary Clark, "Pick me, choose me, shoot me."

The most ironic juxtaposition happens after Meredith — presumably waxing poetic about wanting to see bird migration via some sort of inner monologue while unconscious at the Idaho plane crash site — says, "Whatever. There's always next year."

Cut to: Meredith on the operating table during the very next season, facing death during the delivery of baby Bailey.

Fun times, y'all.

Credit: Mashed Potatoes Photo: All the Times Meredith Grey Nearly Died in One Video