Think you've got a headache? Yeah? Try headbutting some mechanical equipment, as one of the Grey's Anatomy doctors does in the first promo for Season 10.

The MD in question? Intern Heather Brooks, alias Mousy. And we have a few reasons to believe the blow will be a fatal one.

If you examine the footage around the 18-second mark in the clip below, you can see someone with Heather's unmistakable pixie cut being thrown against a mechanical panel, clobbering her head and slumping to the floor.

If this is curtains for actress Tina Majorino's time on the show, it wouldn't be a surprise considering she's likely busy with a new role. (And no, it's not the Veronica Mars movie — she's done with that!)

She was cast in the TNT spy drama Legends — opposite Sean Bean, Ali Larter, and Amber Valletta — which premieres next summer.

Also telling is the fact that Tina is the only one of the five interns featured last season who was not promoted to series regular. Granted, she was in 20 episodes last season as a mere recurring guest star, but we doubt she'll be as many in Season 10.

In other words, to all you fans for whom Mousey is the greatest Grey's character, better start saying your goodbyes.

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Promo: Who Dies in the Two-Hour Premiere? (VIDEO)
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