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Will the doctors of Seattle Grace have to battle the undead?

SpoilerTV has unearthed the episode title and a casting notice for Season 10, Episode 7.

The installment is called "Thriller,"and actor Eddie Navarro has been cast as a zombie.

Yes, you read that correctly: as a zombie.

With those two reveals, we feel pretty certain that Grey's will indeed air an episode on Halloween, in which case this episode would fall directly on October 31.

Eddie, who has no apparent relation to Dave Navarro, is an actor whose resume is filled with independent film roles — and the occasional TV gig, like ones on 90210 and Raising Hope.

"Thriller" — in case you hate music and/or goofy dancing and/or happiness — is the title of a hit Michael Jackson song released on the King of Pop's sixth studio album of the same name, which has been certified platinum by the RIAA 29 times over. The accompanying music video introduced the awesomely-fun Thriller dance, which has since become the fodder of wedding receptions and Jennifer Garner rom-coms.

We see three possibilities here: Eddie will play a trick-or-treater dressed in a zombie costume, Eddie will play a hospital patient whose medical condition simulates that of a zombie, or Eddie will be an actual zombie in a spoof episode.

We're scared already — and not necessarily in a good way.

Source: SpoilerTV

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