ABC revealed the official cast photo for Season 10 of Grey's Anatomy, and it looks so incredibly natural.

The entire 15-member cast clearly all flew up from Los Angeles to Seattle and posed in front of the Emerald City's skyline, waiting until the picturesque clouds parted just enough to let a magnificent ray of sunshine illuminate the Space Needle.

At the precise moment the photographer snapped the shot, each and every actor had the perfect facial expression — whether smiling or stern. And no one blinked.

April (Kepner) Fool's.

The image is just a mashup of all the individual photos superimposed on a impressionistic suggestion of Seattle.

The Photoshoppery is so terribly obvious. None of the shadows are right, no one seems to be the proper height, and the sense of depth is all wrong.

Couldn't the publicity department at ABC at least given the illusion of an actual group shot? We know it's Season 10 and all, but we fans deserve a little better, no? Wait a couple more seasons to phone it in, yeah?

Are we being too harsh? Do you like the image? Hey, no judgments here. Give us your take below.

Credit: TV Replay via AOL Photo: Ellen Pompeo Talks Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington (VIDEO)
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