Last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Season 10, Episode 4: “Puttin’ On the Ritz”) — the show’s 200th — was one of our favorites ever. From the awesome circus atmosphere of the fundraising gala to the surgeons competing against each other to win a cut of the money for their departments, it was classic Grey’s — and we thought it was the perfect way to celebrate ten seasons of awesome.

And although we loved the whole thing, these are our top five favorite moments from the 200th episode:

Meredith and Derek reference earlier seasons: Creator Shonda Rhimes promised a few easter eggs for fans who have been with Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning, and she delivered. We absolutely loved the reference to the prom put on by the hospital for Richard’s niece (Season 2, Episode 27: “Losing My Religion”). “You. Me. An exam room. And your panties pinned to a bulletin board. Even though Meredith’s pretty black dress is covered in baby puke this time, we love that nothing has changed between these two.

Callie pretending to be a widow: OK, so it’s horrible to pretend that your wife died in a plane crash when she really didn’t — but let’s give Callie a break. She’s been through a lot lately, and seeing her talk to donors about her life post Arizona’s “tragic death” made for some pretty hilarious scenes. And hey, it worked!

Alex’s dad’s appearance: We knew to expect Alex’s dad to show up sometime during the 200th episode, we just didn’t know when, and finding out that he’d been in front of our faces all episode long as Junkie Jake? Perfect. Alex’s reaction to the results of his paternity test were classic Alex, and we’re so glad he has Jo. He needs someone who understands him right now… and it doesn’t hurt that they’re adorable together either.

Arizona and April’s drunken bonding: We can’t believe we didn’t see it before — of course these two should totally be bonding in a closet over a drinks. They’ve both digged themselves impossibly deep holes in their relationships, not to mention the fact that they were hilarious drunks. How much did you love when April asked to try on Arizona’s leg? It might be our favorite line from Grey’s of all time.

Bailey being an expert trickster… as usual: Richard was being so hard to deal with that we could totally understand how frustrated she was getting. But her solution to helping him find the will to live? Genius. Letting him see from the perspective from someone who had no choice but to die was exactly what he needed to see the light. We think it’ll be smoother sailing for him from here.  

What were your favorite moments from the 200th episode? Sound off below!

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