Things aren't looking so bright and shiny for the twisted sisters in Grey's Anatomy Season 10. In fact, one of the central plots during Episode 5: "I Bet it Stung" revolved around Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) going head-to-head over a heart and liver transplant that Mer wanted in on.

The episode opened with Meredith asking Cristina if she could take part in a very rare dual transplant involving both a heart and a liver. Obviously, Cristina was handling the heart, and Mer insisted she was ready to dive into the deep end after her maternity leave. Somewhat reluctantly, Cristina agreed to let her do the liver, but she ended up replacing Mer with Bailey after Mer was late because she had to check up on Zola.

That led to an intense, painful fight between the besties, where Cristina admitted that she thinks Meredith has lost her edge because she's devoting so much time to being a mom. She wasn't judgemental, she just presented it as fact. The best surgeons don't let anything distract them, not even their kids. Mer knows that better than anyone.

That said, Meredith is still a very, very good surgeon, so was Cristina really right to kick her off the surgery so late in the game? It was definitely a harsh move, and we want to hear your opinion!

Is Cristina right that Meredith isn't the surgeon she could be, or is Mer right that she was good enough to be in on that surgery? Or do they both have a point? Sound off in the comments below!


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